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The Jerome Firm focuses on Insurance Claims and HOA Law matters. Delivering the most experienced representation for all case matters, we handle your lawsuits and legal pursuits with the greatest consideration and legal assistance.

Real Estate Law

The Jerome Law Firm is your leader in Real Estate law and legal disputes. We provide complete legal service solutions for the greater Georgia areas. With a significant rise in the demand for properties especially those in Associations in the region, it is important to invest in sound legal advice from aspects of litigation to the management of all legal documentation.

Litigation Services

Our professional negotiation and service solutions aims to resolve homeowner’s association disputes. Where matters cannot be resolved through a professional negotiation, The Jerome Law Firm will provide mediation and arbitration services including civil litigation and court room representation.

A multitude of disputes are addressed with our civil litigation services:

The removal of a HOA board member includes addressing a lack of issued responsibilities, a lack of keeping up to date in property practices, violations and disruptions, and an inability to provide the necessary standard of services as determined by the homeowner’s association.

Management of Professional Documentation

Any and all contracts created by the association are overseen and carefully assessed to ensure it complies with current legal standards. All contractual agreements must be specific, readable and pertain to the law. We protect against the problems that could arise when terms are not clarified.

HOA Liens and Foreclosures or HOA is responsible for the creation of community regulations as determined by the declaration of covenants, conditions and restrictions. For the maintenance of condos and family homes, the association must collect rates from lot owners and apply property management to keep the area in a quality condition.

Should the condo owner fail to pay the stipulated fees or rates, the HOA has the right to place a lien on the property. The lien places a limit on the property owner in terms of refinancing or placing the property up for sale. To settle the outstanding debts, the home may be foreclosed and lose the home.

The process provides clients the opportunity to settle the assessment fees and related rates that are owed on the property. The goal is to protect the loss of your home. The necessary documentation and disputes are filed to support the rights and interests of our clients.

Investment Services

Buying or selling a home, an apartment building, a commercial property or even an undeveloped piece of land is a significant investment and in today's real estate market, a very real risk as well.


The Jerome Law Firm has experience on both sides of the landlord-tenant relationship and because of that we are able to anticipate and avoid many issues that may arise from the leasing to eviction. Whether we are doing eviction defense or filing for evictions we make 3 promises to all our client’s:

Set Prices Instead of Hourly Rates

We charge all of our clients set, per document rates as opposed to hourly rates. This makes it easier for our clients to anticipate expenses. Set prices also allow you to call us with eviction related questions without going on the clock.

Fast Service

If you send us an eviction early in a day, we start on the eviction that day. If you send us an eviction late in the day then we start the next morning. Can you think of another law firm that moves that quickly?

No Charge for Traveling in Georgia

We don’t charge anything for our travel time. We do this because we want your business no matter where you are in Georgia.

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Trust the Jerome Law Firm for all Legal Requirements

For the management of legalities in condo and homeowner’s association matters, consult with us. Our professional services are second to none and provide exceptional solutions in the management of all types of important property requirements. From HOA board requirements to property liens and foreclosures, trust us to handle all professional matters seamlessly.

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