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The Jerome Firm focuses on Insurance Claims and HOA Law matters. Delivering the most experienced representation for all case matters, we handle your lawsuits and legal pursuits with the greatest consideration and legal assistance.

Insurance Claims Law

All Insurance Claim cases are handled with sensitivity and a high standard of professionalism from a dedicated legal team. We understand the difficulties of coping with injuries or loss and wish to make the claims process as simple as possible. Our services handle all the work and fight on your behalf, allowing you to relax and recover during such a difficult time.

Our high standard of professionalism and a reputable lawful approach helps seek the compensation that is rightfully due. If you are facing an Insurance Claim circumstance, consult with our legal services who will examine and manage the nature of your claim.

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Car Accidents

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a Car Accident that was not your fault, seeking professional legal assistance can support the claims process. While vehicle accidents are unfortunately common occurrences, receiving fair compensation for a fender bender or severe injuries and loss is our goal. No two accidents are alike and at The Jerome Law Firm we take every step to handle the complexities surrounding such Insurance Claim matters.

Many involved in a car crash receive unjust settlement through major insurers offered by the negligent party. These large corporations often try to take advantage of every day consumers owing to a lack of legal awareness and knowledge. With reliance on the professional services of our skilled legal professional, we best protect your rights by preventing these companies taking advantage of you. We fight to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Premise Liability

Injuries or damages arising from the property of an owner that is deemed as a hazardous environment are handled by legal Insurance Claim Attorneys. Premise liability pertains to the responsibility of the property owner to safeguard against and also holds them liable for injuries and damages that may occur on their premises.

Owing to the unique nature of each case, it becomes increasingly important for clients who have suffered a personal injury to seek the legal advice of a professional team. An experienced and skilled Insurance Claim attorney will carefully examine the matter to determine property owner liability, instances of negligence and whether a valid claim presents. Every aspect of a claim is examined to improve the strength of each case and ease the pain and suffering experienced as a result of such difficulties.

Common incidents that occur on a property include slips and falls. When visiting or invited to a business, retailer or a residence, any damages sustained owing to the negligence of the property owner or management must be addressed legally.

Our litigation services determine the best practice and approach in accordance with state law, from the visitor’s legal status to the condition of the property.

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For the management of legalities in condo and homeowner’s association matters, consult with us. Our professional services are second to none and provide exceptional solutions in the management of all types of important property requirements. From HOA board requirements to property liens and foreclosures, trust us to handle all professional matters seamlessly.

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